Process Flow

I would like to begin with the fact that technology is always changing rapidly and I may not always be up to the latest with acronyms and the latest buzzwords in the industry.

I just want to begin blogging about some of my experiences, so I pulled out an old production program that I wrote and thought I may shed some light on how I came about using it to keep third party software running on desktops that had conflicting configurations. These conflicts did not allow the programs to run smoothly together, but I found a way.

The programs would sometimes use outdated dll files to display information. The dlls would conflict with the security updates that were installed on the workstations but the fact remained that the programs were integral systems that were necessary for the business. Put simply, they could not be replaced. They were the backbone of day to day operations. Other than the dll’s that caused conflict, there was the process of installation and configuration that needed to be considered. Along with the life cycle of the applications also came the upgrades, changes and how to control the ability of the users to connect with the systems.

I will be dissecting my application in further articles for anyone that would like to follow along, but In the end, It all comes down to process flow…

1. Identify the scope of the process(s).
2. Dissect the scope into manageable pieces.
3. Create functions for each so modifications are easier to make.
4. Test, Test, Test
5. Present to management.
6. Place into production.
7. Monitor Service Desk tickets for the application.
8. Make improvements if needed.
9. Repeat steps 5-6-7-8, and continue the dance.

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